I wrote this piece for The Debrief. It’s basically investigative journalism.



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  1. Al

    Love it. Couldn’t agree more! Except that at 21 I did have a steely determination, however it was mainly aimed at the most outlandish and weird item that my mates and I could ‘collect’ (ahem, steal) on a weekend bender. (My proudest moment was ‘collecting’ a giant knife and fork from a restaurant wall, which I displayed proudly in my parents hallway when I got home…..)

  2. A giant knife and fork?! Okay, I have to ask – how giant? Give me dimensions. This definitely beats my paltry array of ashtrays and branded glassware.

  3. Al

    About 3 foot each. Turned upside fown and used as crutches under my coat to leave. In my drunken state I was rather impressed with myself! Woke up the next morning by my dad, who stated (rather wearily I might add) ”I see you and your friends had a bit too much to drink again?” He judged my sobriety by what came home with me each evening!!!

  4. 3 foot? Impressive. And crutches under your coat = GENIUS 🙂

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