I did a Shelfie for the Indy mag. You’ll see from this how absolutely excellent I am with technology and things like legible screen-grabs. Hi.



June 19, 2014 · 7:54 pm

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  1. Hey Emma, am intrigued but can’t manage to expand the image to see the details – could be my own technophobia in action. Coincidentally, I took a ‘shelfie’ the other day (before I knew it had that handy moniker!) and one of your books has a starring role! Must put it onto FB. You are next to Lost Voices of the Edwardians and someone called Zoe Lambert…?!

    • Hey Pete! Lovely to hear from you, hope you’re well? I’m sorry it’s such a bad pic – the books I chose were an A-Level Physics textbook, Muriel Spark’s The Driver’s Seat and Stranger On a Train by Jenny Diski. Very flattered mine made it into yours – thanks a lot! Good company, too.

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