Photo Back in April Animals was optioned as a film by the very brilliant producer Sarah Brocklehurst, who was nominated for a BAFTA in 2012 for Black Pond (a clever, dark, absurd British comedy) and in 2014 was named a Screen International “Star of Tomorrow”. She’s hot stuff. Here we are being silly in a photobooth. Since then, Sarah and I have been working to get funding so that I can write the screenplay. The British Film Institute has a department called Creative England, which supports first-time screenwriters, and they’ve just awarded us funding, so we can go ahead. Hooray! Thanks, BFI. This week I start writing the treatment. So here goes…


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  1. sarahjasmon

    Ooh, exciting! (And surely the non-dialogue bits are just, like, ‘She puts the light on’…?)

  2. Excellent news. Just finished Animals and really enjoyed it. Much kudos for the ‘Heathers’ JD reference.

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