Meeting this guy was a highlight of my summer

As some of you might know, every winter I make an anthology of ghost stories with a collective of friends. We call ourselves Curious Tales. It’s a bit of fun. I mean, a lot of fun. We do everything ourselves, for the sheer love of creepiness. This year, the collection will be called Congregation of Innocents: Five Curious Tales. It’s a neon-drenched, woozy, hazy, joyous little bundle of unease. My story is about a train journey, a music festival, and a girl in a yellow anorak.

Like its predecessors, the book will be print-only, limited edition and fully illustrated by the artist Beth Ward. Here’s the cover:


The stories and artwork within are all in some way inspired by the work of Shirley Jackson (‘The Lottery’), commemorating 50 years since her death. We are very proud to have an introduction by the novelist Patrick McGrath.


We also have a new collaborator for 2015: Ian Williams, who has created our first Curious Tales graphic short story as part of the book.

Congregation of Innocents will be published on 31 October 2015 and we will be touring the UK with a series of performances and talks – more details soon. You can preorder the book here soon, and thank you if you do.

Meantime, stay freaky.


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4 responses to “

  1. Mim

    NIce! Look forward to it x

  2. April

    Looking forward to it especially after you reading us your story from last year’s collection at Lumb Bank. Super creepy.

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