Animals was published in the US this week and reviewed in the New York Times I am blown away by this and will be until the DAY I DIE.



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  1. Alison Fowler

    And an extremely well earned review it is too! Loved the book – read it again and still find things that I can relate to and laugh about. There’s a bit of all of us in those pages and that’s why I love this storyline so much. (I did a lot of ‘walking and puking’ in my time – although mine was often walking, puking and kebab….Nowadays these episodes are reserved for Christmas nights out and birthday benders with my old mates!!) Congrats on a fantastic review!! New York Times no less!!!!

  2. Sophie Stevens

    Great review – congratulations. Have just read ‘Hungry, the Stars and Eveything’; yet again you sum up so much of our hedonistic past lives in a way no Bridgit Jones could. I am assuming Helen Burns is named so in hommage to Jane Eyre? – or not??

    • Thank you, Sophie! Yes she was – HB was always my favourite and the name felt like it worked for lots of reasons. Thanks so much for reading and getting in touch x

  3. Nothing more than it deserved. Perhaps you shall go on to star in the film as well…

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