Animals Art


Three cheers for this tale of alcoholic love between platonic soul mates (LENA DUNHAM)

Hilarious, moving and poetic (GLAMOUR)

I wish I had written this book . . . Withnail with girls (CAITLIN MORAN)

This is a book you’ll be talking about for years to come. It marks Unsworth as a tremendous talent (THE GUARDIAN)

[By Emma Jane Unsworth, a] young British writer full of talent, [Animals] is an emotionally complex and often go-for-broke-witty book about the difficulty of letting go, of making choices for yourself, of discovering that the relationships you cling to hardest may be the ones that damage you most (THE NEW YORK TIMES)

An utterly triumphant ode to female friendship, in all its intense, messy and powerful beauty (ELLE)

[Animals] is more complex than an ode to the party or a call to responsible adulthood, and [Unsworth’s] characters shine with humanity  (THE NEW YORKER)

Unsworth is a name to watch… Animals is more than a hymn to partygoing – it is a sharp study of the endurance of female friendship over romantic entanglements and life’s challenges (FINANCIAL TIMES)

Gloriously debauched and wonderfully touching… a gripping, raucous read from one of Britain’s most promising young writers (THE LIST)

Savagely funny, clever and wise. If it’s not an instant cult classic I’m leaving the cult (NATHAN FILER)

Brutally funny and heartfelt. I loved it (LAUREN BEUKES)

Animals is a riot. A kind of drunker, swearier Girls. I loved it (MATT HAIG)

Casually high on insight, mercifully low on decorum, Animals is vital, funny, poignant and true. If you’re looking for talent, style and the deep wisdom of misbehaviour, read it (GLEN DUNCAN)

A devilish tale, spun in angelic prose (JOHN NIVEN)

A hilarious, madcap meditation on grown-ups who are not quite ready to grow up. Unsworth’s writing is as brilliantly inventive as her characters’ transgressions (HELEN WALSH)

Stunningly brilliant (JENN ASHWORTH)

Featuring two women in their early thirties whose voracious appetite for wine make Dionysus look like a lightweight… Unsworth captures the destabilising doubts that your late twenties/early thirties can trigger (THE INDEPENDENT)

A fevered tale of female friendship (THE OBSERVER)

Animals is a triumphant book and Unsworth’s writing is a joy to absorb yourself in (WE LOVE THIS BOOK)

Clever, entertaining and fantastically readable, this book straddles the literary/popular divide so neatly there’ll be no justice if it isn’t a hit (BOOKMUNCH)

The writing in Animals fizzes; it’s fiery, sharp and perceptive. When I wasn’t laughing raucously I was nodding in agreement… It’s the novel that should firmly establish Emma Jane Unsworth as a shining star of British contemporary literature (THE WRITES OF WOMAN)

An utterly triumphant ode to female friendship, in all its intense, messy and powerful beauty (ELLE)

Sometimes you need a novel to come along with this amount of outrageous energy and élan… (THE WORKSHY FOP)

There is a lot of fun and a lot of raw, wonderful, fresh energy… This is a book that will make you laugh and make you think (BOOKCUNT)

Featured as one of THE HUFFINGTON POST‘s 15 Fantastic Books By Women to Read This Fall

One of COMPANY’s 50 Books You Need to Read Before You Die

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  2. Loved loved loved “Animals” told my friends and they loved it too – and bought copies for their friends. Wonderful, thank you.

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