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19 responses to “Contact

  1. Phil Cresswell

    Hi Emma
    I work in Oldham and I have travelled from the midlands up into Manchester on and off for well over 25 years.
    I have a fondness for the city like
    no other because of the music and the art, because of the people and the fashion too.
    You are a part of that city scape and also every time I hear Station Approach I often wonder what’s it like to have such a well known song written about you that’s synonymous with such a well trodden route into and out of the city.
    I spilt with my girlfriend whom I still love dearly about the same time as you and therefore I often think that despite everything that could be, for some, it just can’t be or isn’t.
    It would be great to hear from you.

  2. Dear Emma Jane Unsworth

    Your article in the most recent ELLE magazine was brilliant! As a fellow red head I feel like part of an exclusive club sometimes! Although I definitely feel your pain in the school playground.

    Thank you for reaffirming my ginger club belief! And I shall be purchasing your book ASAP!

    Best wishes,


    Power to gingers! ;D

  3. Dear Emma Jane Unsworth

    Your article in the most recent ELLE magazine was brilliant! As a fellow red head I feel like part of an exclusive club sometimes! Although I definitely feel your pain in the school playground.

    Thank you for reaffirming my ginger club belief! And I shall be purchasing your book ASAP!

    Best wishes,


    Power to gingers! ;D

  4. Heard you on Radcliffe & Maconie “Live from Manchester Central Library” on 6Music. Thought “Oooh, she sounds interesting”. Just finished reading “Animals”. Superb. Wonderful use of simile – put me in mind of Nancy Banks-Smith.
    Long May you prosper.

  5. Craigston Mullen

    Dear Emma,
    Mullen here, from Boston, MA. USA.
    I read your “ANIMALS” and I enjoyed it straight down the line.
    I would recommend it to anyone of any age, any gender.
    I think that you touched a universal chord.
    Just keep going. I am sure that there will be many
    more enjoyable books to come. Thanks, and CHEERS.

    • Hey Mullen! Thanks for getting in touch, and for the lovely words. All the best to you. And… cheers!

      • Anthony Ashley-Cooper

        Emma Jane Unsworth.
        I loved “ANIMALS.”
        I think that you are “ACES and EIGHTS.”
        I am from the proto-exurbian-acres of
        “Philliie-Penal-Colony-A-Delphia, Penis-Syl-Vein–Eeeee-Ahhhhh.”
        …LET ME TELL YOU!
        We will build you a bar
        and a castle
        and give you a motor-bike
        and an “A-to-B-machine”
        and give you
        all the “P.J. HARVEY music
        that was ever made…”
        If you will forgo Angleterre
        If you will forgo Londoninium
        and move to America.
        Much more than we need Jane Justen.
        Hands across the water.
        Don’t mind the maggotts.
        Tony C. XXX

  6. craig mullen

    Emmma:::     “BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR”…as good as you could possibly imagine.       Cheers, Mullen  From: Emma Jane Unsworth To: Sent: Monday, November 9, 2015 5:26 PM Subject: [New comment] Contact #yiv4395759761 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4395759761 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4395759761 a.yiv4395759761primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4395759761 a.yiv4395759761primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4395759761 a.yiv4395759761primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4395759761 a.yiv4395759761primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4395759761 em_uns commented: “Wow. Thank you.” | |

  7. Lynne McCarrick

    I just listened to your piece about Social Media and the ways it has impacted your life, your present choices to avoid, and the possible desperate consequences of it’s use, as read on Radio 2. I was driving at the time and I’d LOVE to be able to study your words again, properly, with no distractions this time. Is that possible for me. Keep writing. You’re refreshing.

    Lynne Georgina, a fellow contemplative wordsmith.

  8. Thanks, Lynne. That’s really lovely of you. You can download the full essay here:
    Wishing you all the best with your writing,

  9. Emma S

    Hi Emma,

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your article on childbirth. I too found childbirth a traumatic and terrifying experience. Interestingly I gave birth one day after you, on 9th November! I spent a lot of time and energy using hypnobirthing to prepare for the birth and although I feel it helped I also felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment, in the experience, and in my body. After all we are constantly told natural childbirth is the holy grail. Why then, I asked myself, did I end up with a birth about as far away from natural as is possible? In addition to this I was totally unprepared for how my body would feel after birth. The focus in the media is always on losing the ‘baby weight’ post birth, in reality I couldn’t care less about that. I, like you was concerned more with the trauma ‘down there’. 5 months on and I am still healing physically, and have sought professional help for the post traumatic symptoms I have experienced. Thank you for making my feel normal and like I am not alone.


    Another Emma

    • Emma, thanks so much for getting in touch. I’m so honoured and touched that the piece resonated with you. The baby weight thing is so true, too – in fact the whole set-up from start to finish is horrendous and we need change. Sending you love and solidarity xxxx

  10. Sara

    Hey Emma.
    I enjoy your novel Animals so much! It is to me what star wars is to Ted Mosby; I can listen to or read it any day, and I especially do when I’m not feeling too well.
    I’ve just been going through kinda a hard time and I find comfort in the realness of the book. I’m currently listening to it in repeat, am on the 4th round.
    As a non-native English speaker every time I listen to it again holds one or two new words or expressions I didn’t pick up all the other times round, for example just now I realised for the first time that you used the term ‘orwellian’ which I just recently got to know and understand.

    This is mostly a thank you for your incredible writing but also I’d like to know:
    When is your new novel coming out you mentioned you’ve been finishing nearly a year ago?

    xo Sara

    • Hey Sara!
      Oh dude, thanks so much, you’re a diamond. I’m really honoured you’ve read the book so many times and I’m so glad you relate to it. I hope the hard time you’ve been going through passes soon. Hang in there. The new novel is coming! I was busy with the Animals film script but am back on the novel now. I am also writing a memoir. I hope to have more news to share about them soon. Thanks again for reading, and for stopping by to say hi. Take care and much love, Emma xx

  11. Joanne

    Hi, first time I have been on your website. Didn’t even know you had a website! Hope you are well?!!! Joanne Hampson (nee McLaughlin) xox

  12. Hello. Just a friendly hi from Rotterdam to say, Great Piece about you and your family’s printing works – and your dad sounds like a top man. I’m a maker not a printer but ,when you take pride in working with your hands, everything said (in today’s G), it def’ ‘resonates’…

    Also, I hope ANIMALS comes to the mainland…
    (maybe our IFFR – Rotterdam Film Festival)

    best wishes
    Rick Armiger

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